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Athens Open Meeting

March 09, 2018 19:00

ASCSA, Cotsen Hall, 9 Anapiron Polemou, 106 76 Athens


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Jenifer Neils, “The Work of the School”; Angelos Chaniotis, “Nessun Dorma! Ancient Greece after Sunset”

Dylan Rogers, 213-000-2400, ext. 209

   "The Work of the School," Jenifer Neils, Director, ASCSA
   "Nessun Dorma! Ancient Greece after Sunset," Angelos Chaniotis, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

"Nessun Dorma! Ancient Greece after Sunset", A. Chaniotis
While perceptions of the night are almost universal and hardly subject to change – the night is associated with fear, sexual desire, exclusiveness, and death –, the reality of the night continually changed in the ancient Greek world under the influence of diverse factors, ranging from institutional, legal, military, religious, social, and technological developments to literary, artistic, and literary trends. This talk will highlight historical developments, address the dynamic interplay between perceptions and reality, and examine the imprint of nightlife on material culture and art.

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