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  • From the Field We are proud to announce that during the months of August, September and October 2017, the research collections of the Gennadius Library were tagged with RFID security tags and the books, including the periodicals of the “Dory Papastratou Reading Room,” were moved to new mobile shelving in the new Ioannis Makriyannis Wing, which will be officially inaugurated in June 2018.
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Supporting the Gennadeion

The Gennadius Library is one of Greece’s national treasures. Its over 113,000 rare books and bindings, research materials, manuscripts, archives, and works of art illuminate Hellenism, Greece, and neighboring civilizations from antiquity to modern times. Opened in 1926, the Library began with the collection of diplomat and bibliophile, Joannes Gennadius, who presented some 26,000 volumes and archives to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens to house and to make accessible to the public. Since then, it has added 87,000 volumes, the collection spanning the breadth of post-antique Hellenic civilization. In fulfillment of the vision of Joannes Gennadius himself, and with the help of many people in Greece and the United States, the Library has become “a world center for the study of Greek history, literature, and art, both ancient, Byzantine, and modern.”

The ASCSA’s Capital Campaign includes a major effort to raise approximately $20 million to make the Gennadius Library an even stronger institution. A primary goal is to increase its endowment by some $10 million, in order to provide annual operating funds for the Library, including for staffing, the management, acquisitions, conservation, and digitization of its collections, exhibitions, lectures, and outreach programs.

The first phase of the Gennadius Library’s capital projects will focus on the renovation of the West Wing and the construction of an underground extension for open-stacks, including study tables and carrels for visiting readers. This plan will improve the visitor’s access to the non-rare research collections of the Library.

A second phase of the project is in development. This will include the consolidation of the archives housed in the School’s Main Building and the archives of the Gennadius Library into a single archives repository in the Gennadeion’s East Wing. A state-of-the-art exhibition hall below the Main Reading Room of the Library will also be created.

Please support the Gennadius Library today, with a gift to its Capital Campaign. To make a contribution, please contact the Development Office at 609-683-0800.

Another giving opportunity is to help fund the Library’s Annual Appeal. To make an online donation to the Appeal, click here. Funds collected from the Annual Appeal must be unrestricted by the donor, but will be used to support the Library’s daily operations including staff salaries, book acquisitions, lectures, and other programs offered by the Gennadeion. Annual Appeal donations will also count toward the Capital Campaign goal, and as such will be eligible for recognition opportunities.