The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Georgios Galavaris-Kurt Weitzmann collection

Folder 1
- Album with 31 black and white photographs from Meteora, Sparta, Mystras, Tsakha, Patmos, Karytaina, Helikon, Delphi, Tolo, Kalymnos, 2 unidentified showing the interior of a church, 1 of an ancient theatre., 2 of KW, 1 of Josepha Weitzmann-Fiedler, wife of KW and one of the couple.
- 2 newspaper clippings in German (on Mt Athos).

Folder 2
- Of the 33 loose photos:
a) 6 black and white photographs (5 of which portraits of Arabs)
b) 4 in the form of postcards depicting Byzantine mosaics.
c) 2 coloured and 1 black and white photographs of KW and wife Josepha (?)
d) 11 black and white photographs of a trip to Egypt (Mt Sinai?) or the Middle East[?]
e) 5 photos of priests
f) 4 miscellaneous
g) Coloured group photo (negatives also exists).
- 5 large negatives (12.5 x 10 cm) of photographs from some University event (one exists in print form also).

Folder 3
- PhD diploma, 1905 (Wilhelm Weitzmann)