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Starting September 2017, the libraries of ASCSA (the Blegen, the Gennadius and the Wiener Laboratory) are undergoing a major reclassification project for their collections following the Library of Congress system of call numbers.

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VIDEOCAST - Democracy Forum: Then & Now: Women, Immigration, Democracy

Mary Lefkowitz, Geoffrey Bakewell, Sheila Dillon, Jenifer Neils

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Mary Lefkowitz on the Trojan Horse and Women in Ancient Greek Democracy

"The Trojans could have refused to take in the horse, they could have let it stay there, they could have set it on fire, or opened it up, but instead they did the one thing they shouldn’t have—taken it without asking any questions. And you can see the subtext here..."

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  • Alan L. Boegehold, 1927-2015
  • From the FieldProfessor of Classics, Chair of the ASCA Managing Committee, and Poet
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  • New Summer Program
  • From the FieldThe American School is unveiling a new summer program for 2017: the Summer Seminars. In addition to the School’s long-running Summer Session program (one session of which is still being offered in 2017), two 18-day sessions will provide competitive students the opportunity to explore specific topics in Greece. Read this Q and A with the professors leading these seminars to find out more. (Deadline to apply is January 15!)
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  • Our Excavations
  • From the FieldThe summer excavation sessions at Corinth are complete with the museum session to follow. Read a wrap-up of this year's season.
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