The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
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  • From the Field Cotsen Hall is the School's state-of-the-art auditorium and available for public rental for lectures, concerts and other events. Opened in 2005, the space seats 370 and is already becoming one of Athens' cultural hubs.
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Trustees of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Alexander E. Zagoreos, Chairman
William T. Loomis, President
Constantine M. Dakolias, Treasurer
Jacqueline C. McCabe, Secretary

Stathis Andris
Joan Bingham
Andrew P. Bridges
Jane E. Buikstra
R. Nicholas Burns
Jonathan Z. Cohen
Henry P. Davis***
Jack L. Davis
Robert J. Desnick
Paul D. Friedland
Elizabeth R. Gebhard
Jonathan H. Kagan
Mark L. Lawall****
Mary R. Lefkowitz
J. Robert Maguire
Arianna Packard Martell
James R. McCredie*
Theo Melas-Kyriazi
Nassos Michas
Sebastien Missoffe
Hunter R. Rawlings III
William Slaughter
Phaedon T. Tamvakakis
Judith Ogden Thomson
Andreas Zombanakis

Edward E. Cohen
Hunter Lewis*
Herbert L. Lucas
Robert A. McCabe*
Marianne McDonald
Mary Patterson McPherson
Andre Newburg
James H. Ottaway, Jr.**
David W. Packard
Malcolm H. Wiener**

*President Emeritus/a
**Chairman Emeritus

***Treasurer Emeritus
****Ex Officio